Church should feel like home and a family. It is a place where you belong, are challenged, develop gifts and use them.

We would welcome you to come and join us and see if you can find a home and a family at First ARP Church.


What is an ARP?

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Website

What We Believe (From the ARP website)

We are Associate Reformed Presbyterian.

Associate refers to our history in Scotland where our forefathers stood for the free offer of the Gospel to all sinners.

Reformed refers to our theology. We believe in the sovereignty of God, the need for the Holy Spirit to change a sinner's heart, and the adoption of sinners into the family of God as sons and daughters.

Presbyterian refers to our church government. We have a representative government. We have a representative system consisting of a Local Session, Regional Presbytery, and a National Synod.

First ARP Church seeks to be an authentic, evangelical, and reformed congregation. It is our purpose and goal to bring glory to Christ, to walk with Christ, and share Christ with the lost.